Day 01 - On Preparing Google Cloud Developer Certification

Day 01 - On Preparing Google Cloud Developer Certification

I feel excited to learn new things today, as I embark on my journey to prepare for gcp certification. And yeah, I hope that this spirit should not only be present in the beginning, but also remain so until the end.

What I do today?

So today i will share with you what i've done so far and hopefuly you can implement this method for your learning joerney.

What I have learn?

I've been using Google Cloud Platform for almost 3 years now. However, the things I do are only related to my job. The majority of the time I work with Stack Driver, Cloud PubSub, GKE, and Redis Memory Store, but there are so many other features in GCP I haven't tried yet.

There are so many services available on the Google Cloud Platform. Today, however, I focused on learning GCE (Google Compute Engine). The details of what I learned about this GCE can be read here.

The most important thing that I learned today was that with cloud providers, we are not just renting the server for our application, but we are also able to manage the server easily.

There are so many common problems we face in managing servers, but with cloud providers we can handle them with a number of services they offer, so knowing each service will help us to better understand what types of problems we have and which services the cloud providers will provide to deal with that problem.


I found an interesting blog post today that discuss How To Learn Stuff Quickly . This is help me to set a mindset when learning things.

So far, I've applied a few tips and they're working well. I definitely recommend reading it.