I am planning on becoming Google Developer Certified

Another update of my life plan. Previously I announce that I will continue to work on competitive programming. Sadly that will be paused again for now. Here's the thing. I'm currently employed by a company that has a program to get google developer certification.

I think this is a great opportunity for both of us, it will increase credibility for the company and it will expand my skill set and portfolio as an employer. So I won't waste this opportunity.

What's the plan?

Actually i don't have to much plan for now, i just create new github repository for this journey Google Developer Certification.

I do not know how long it will take me to prepare for the certification. I am not working on the preparation alone; some of my coworkers are also taking part in this program. I think this will be an exciting and fun journey.

As of right now, what comes to my mind is that I will start learning the skills necessary for this certification every day and I will add my progress to a github repository. Hopefuly if you found this blog post and planning to get google certification as well can be one of the resource that you use.

I din't expect that i will pass the certification but i believe i will learn new thing's in the process. Despite this, I am confident that I will pass the certification, so stay tuned.

What certification you will take?

Hmm, for this i think of three choice.

  1. Professional Cloud Developer
  2. Data Engineer
  3. Professional Cloud Architect

So that is the topic that i interested in. I can't decide which one that i will take or i will take it all. But my strong choice fo now is the one for Profession Cloud Developer.