Reinventing MySelf again

I know I am not a perfect person, but I started my life from the difficult position. When I was in high school, I took computer class, but I didn't have a computer. My friends that took the same class, however, all had computers.

I was the only one who did not have a computer at that time. Even so, it does not stop me from learning more about computers. I learn from what I have. I don't have a book, I borrow it from my friend.

I don't have a computer to practice, I go to school wait until other class finished to use the school computer, I always focus to learn mastering computer at that time I was focusing on fixing computer.

Someday I meet with someone he ways from the same school as me but his class is not computer, but he really love about computer. So I offer him to be a teacher for him about computer in exchange I can borrow his computer when I need to learn something or finish my home work that need computer.

The result we became best friend, we build a business about it. We teach about computer to other people and make money from it. At that time I think my problem has been solved.

Then come the graduation time. As my experience on school I was so sure that I will get the job easier after the graduation but the fact is not as I expected.

In fact after the graduation I don't touch a computer anymore, my obsession is to be an entrepreneur I work in multiple place my focus was to get a lot of money as possible.

But the time goes on, my life just getting harder and there is a time when I don't have any money just to eat. I hate my life, I hate all the decision I make.

Hard Working

I remember working in a government office as an operator to input data for a report in some division. During that time, I did not have a vehicle to get to work.

Some someday I go to work by walking, and the distance between my home and the office is around 2 KM. And after walking about 1KM I fainted in the middle of route.

And then someone help me bring me back to home, and everybody is around me and worry about my condition.

After that event I feel like I want to give up with my life, I feel like I just do not have skill that will make me get nice job. I think I have been doing the hard work, but my body just can't take it anymore.

Then I spend about one month do nothing. But my life just getting harder - harder, I don't get any better at anything in my life.

Back to my Hobby

Since high school I know I will spend all my life with computer, playing around with computer was the only thing that make me happy.

So after that event I just spend my day to tinkering with computer, and what I love is programming. So started to learn to code day after day.

It's not easy, but I feel happy when I got some difficult challenge when I do programming.

And then long story short 4 years after that event I got my first international job, at that time I work in US company from home, so I work remotely.

When I got that job, I just realized that I have a lot to learn, and that was one of the best moment in my life. I do my hobby for living.

Change the Direction

One of my dream is to be self employed, I loved working with people it teach me a new skills. But for the long time I have been dreaming to have freedom to work for myself and get the living out of it.

I know that this is not going to be easy and it will take time and energy. So after three years working with this US company I decided to resign.

At that time actually I don't have any clear plan how to survive after the resign what should I do then.

So because of that I take a break for five months. But I run out of money, I need to get money to continue my life. So after five months of not doing anything I decided to get a Job again.

But after getting a job I still does not found the answer, I don't know what to do to fulfill my feeling about becoming self employed again.

So because of that feeling I can't perform well at my job, my dream actually is to not working for other people again. So after thinking about it for about 7 months finally I decided to start to working for myself again.

There is a lot of problem for me to not doing what I love, I have kids now, I have wife and I have bill to pay.

But now I will just start to working on it, yes I know there is a lot of obstacle that I need to solved, but actually I was happy to working on it.