Software I use in Windows 10

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Software I use in Windows 10

Many people don't like using a windows as a programmer on a daily basis. Neither for me, I have used Linux as my daily operating system for 7 years now.

So why am I using Windows 10 now? Let me tell the story and how i deal with the windows problem that i have as a backend developer.

The Reason

Acer Nitro Ryzen 5

So, the reason that i have chosen to use windows is the fact that i would like to play a video game.

After several weeks of searching for the laptops that can play a game I found Acer Nitro Ryzen 5. This laptop came with default operating system windows 10.

And at first it was not that easy, I almost hated everything about Windows 10. I used Linux on this laptop for several months before switching back to Windows.

The Challenges

I have a few issues with Windows 10 as my daily driver for my job as a Backend Developer.

Here's list of the problem i have :

  • I work on laravel that have integration with redis, and redis doesn't support that.
  • I'm not a fan of XAMPP app so i setup the php installation manually but it always failed.
  • Some of the composer package can't work with windows.
  • No tilling windows manager like i3.
  • I hate the terminal powershell and cmd it's incompatible with the workflow that i usually do in linux.
  • I have to install windows subsystem linux that doesn't feel native at all.
  • A lot of software that eating my ram.

Getting used to it

After three months using linux in this laptop i try to give it a try again, in this time i had to get over mu ego and think like windows folks.

I've trying alternative application to solve my issue. So here's the app that save my workflow and make it look it's on linux environment.

  • The redis issue solved by the alternative app called Memurai
  • It's been hard to install php the first time around, but that is merely due to the fact that I do not understand how to do it yet.
  • So if have have issue with composer package i can just use this flag composer install --ignore-platform-reqs
  • Git bash is one of the best terminals for Windows, as it has support that I usually use if I am in a linux environment.