Have you ever feel like super Unmotivated? Brain dead, lost creativity, lost spirit to do things? That actually where I am now. And I have been in this situation multiple times. Why this is always happen to me? Why can I just be a productive all the time?

Yeah, I think that's the truth; no body is perfect, and no body has no issues. So, let's list some of the things that leave us unhappy. Basically this is for my own case, but I am hopeful that we will be able to relate.


  1. Stuck in the Loop that make me fucking bored.
  2. There is no satisfying result from what I do.
  3. I have an Idea but I can not make it work.
  4. Occasionally, I cannot complete some of my work because other people's work requires me to do so.
  5. Sometimes I am just unmotivated for just no reason.
  6. I just can't finish everything.
  7. It seems like I have more unfinished tasks every day.

Do you feel the same thing? Let's look at what we can do about this.


Have you ever watched a movie about people who are stuck in the loop of time. I think that is what happen to us, people who are not motivated in life. We all hate doing the same thing everyday. We seem to enjoy doing all the things so much the first time around.

As we repeat it over and over again, the joy of it seems to diminish. But as I think more about it, I realize that I am afraid to fix the fundamental issue that makes me unmotivated.

  1. I'm afraid to try someting new.
  2. I'm afraid to work on the things i really wanted.
  3. I'm afraid to let go some idea that not work.
  4. I'm afraid to try to help to finish other people work that blocking my task.
  5. I'm afraid to take a break from work.
  6. I'm afraid to start the work that I never finished little by little.
  7. I'm afraid to work on other task before current task is done.


In the same way I have said before, there is no such thing as perfection. But sometimes we always want it to be perfect, we always want it to be what we expected. And this expectation leads to disappointment.

So, we have to learn to accept that what we are doing isn't working as we expected.

At some point, I think you're feeling the same way I am. You know what todo!

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