You are gonna fail my friend!


You are gonna fail, you are doing shit my friend. You now what, you will never, ever going make it!

You are right my friend. I will fail, but. You now what. I'm not afraid to fail. I'll passed that failure. Until you're can not to say that i'm going to fail.

Read this. Is this bad? Is this wrong?.

I doesn't care about that.

You and me still going to die.

No matter if i've made it or not. You and me still going to die some time.

But until die, i'm not going to stop.

I'm not afraid about what ever that you say. I'll jump!

I will get my dream.

While you just going to see that i'm fail, i'm not make it as fast that you think.

But you're not going to see that i'm give up. Never! Event just one second.

I will never going to give up.

You now what. I'm not fail.

I just find the way that doesn't work.

So i just going to look another way that might be work. Until i find what work.