Hi there this is i little about me, my story and my advanture. Thanks for visiting my website, please get in touch with me if you have an a question or you need help if i can i will help you or we can meetup or something.


My name is Ahmad Rosid. I was born on April 07th, 1994 in West Lampung Indonesia, I have one young brother and two Sister. I grew up living in Rawajitu Selatan. As I was growing up, my parents let me try many different things and provided me with the resources to try them; the major things that came out were playing the guitar, swimming, and computer programming.


From 1st grade to 6th grade, I attended SD N 01 Medasari Rawajitu Selatan Lampung. I attended Junior High at Rawajitu Selatan. I graduated from SMK Negri one south Rawajitu Senior High School with the Class of 2012; I attended the Pondok Programmer for a year to learning About Computer Programming, but I’m currently i have graduated from Pondok Programmer since January 01th, 2017.

Career Path

I’m currently work as Freelancer, i also do some Teaching about Programming at the some University, Community, Goverment Institution and others. Before that, I was employed by Oxx Techonolgies Indonesia in Yogyakarta Sleman as Lead Programmer at Taxies.co.id. Before that, I was employed as Android Developer at Raihanshop. I’ve been a programmer for 3+ years. In the future, I’d like to start my own app development company, or work for Google.

You can see evidence of my work and reputation I’ve gotten from being an active Android developer in the community by searching my name on Google.


I professionally develop Android applications from the ground up, and follow Google’s Design Guidelines to make beautiful UI/UX.JetBrains’ newer JVM-based language, Kotlin, has become a focus of mine also.

Basic Kowledge

  • Ruby
  • C++
  • Python
  • MongoDB
  • Postgres

Intermediate Knowledge

  • Java, Php, Kotlin, Html, Css, NodelJs, Nginx,
  • Material Design
  • Git
  • Reactive Programming
  • Laravel, Mysql
  • Firebase
  • Objective-C/Swift and iOS


In addition to the Computer Programming i have several other hobbies.


I’ve played the guitar since I was very young. I played accousic in elementary school, junior high school, and for two years of high school. I’ve played and performed with two bands in the past. Listening to and playing music is one of my major passions.