Ahmad Rosid

Ahmad Rosid

Hi 👋, thanks for stoping by.

Let me introduce myself, my name is Ahmad Rosid I am Software Engineer from Indonesia, I started my career in software engineering in 2016.

During my time in high school, I began learning how to code. The first programming language I learned was PHP. I learned to code in Adobe Dreamweaver, the legendary IDE back then.

I come from a family that doesn't know about technology, nor do I have enough money to go to college. So from the start I have always been a self-taught software developer.

📳 Android Developer

My first professional job in software engineering was Android Developer, during that time becoming an Android Developer was the trend in my city, I even joined the Google Developer Group and organized several study groups about Android Development.

Therefore, working with Android Studio requires a powerful computer, and compiling the code to an .apk has taken a long time. It has been an unpleasant experience.

This time, I think it would be a good idea to try something different.

🍎 iOS Developer

The issue with Android Development is the Computer, so to solve that issue is to buy high spec computer. So i decide to buy some macbook and yes the workflow is more effective now.

But you know buying Apple product is no cheap, I need to get more money from my investment. So I started to looking what are the job that will make me more money.

At that time becoming iOS developer is one of the most high paying job. I started to learn iOS development and get some job. And yeah that was and nice job, nice wage but I didn't feel happy.

🎑 Fullstack Developer

After finding that I don't feel happy for becoming iOS Developer I try to work as Fullstack Developer. And I Actually going crazy with this, that time I work for Backend, Frontend and even for mobile apps Android and iOS.

The result of this was I got sick and I had to undergo surgery of hernia pain. I can't work for about three months.

And the saddest part of that story is my wife found out that she was pregnant, the doctor told me that I needed to have surgery at the same time. I don't know what to do, what if the surgery doesn't work, what will happen to my doughter.

At that moment I feel software engineering is not for me. I feel like I have try everything but nothing works.

💻 Backend Developer

After I feel like giving up on the programming world, I feel that i can't run away from that world either. I still love programming, it was the most exciting thing I ever did. Likewise, I couldn't do anything else.

So I started working on my career again. This time I want to do just one area, I always interested with the system. And becoming Backend Developer is the most suitable choise for me.

So in 2019 while I browsing the facebook My friend share a job opportunity, and at first time I am not interested in it. But I think I should try it anyway if I pass the interview this is will be nice journey.

Long story short I pass the interview and i got the job, there's a lot to learn that time, and I want to thank to my mentor adhatama and nafies luthfi you are the best person I have ever meet.

🕕 Now

Now, I work as a freelancer, writing about Rust, Golang, Python, and JavaScript-related technologies like React, Typescript, and others.

I also do not close myself to full-time job offers. So, if you have an interesting offer for me, please contact me at alahmadrosid@gmail.com.