The Wheel of Life: Dealing with Life's Challenges

Why is so hard to just live the life. Why there are always problems in this life. I'm so tired of dealing with that problem every day. Why can't we just be easy in this life. Why we have so many issues to deal with in this life.


Yeah, that's what i was feeling every day in my life. I always complain about my own life. I hate it, I hate becoming myself, I hate my life.

I don't know what kind of situation that i'm in this time. I just hate everything, my job, my life and everything.

The weird thing is, sometimes I even enjoy swearing to myself. After cursing myself, I feel relieved. Like letting go of burden in life.


When talking about life, i believe no one will ever be able to live a life without problems. Life will give everyone a problem to deal with, sometimes that problem seems beyond our ability to solve.

Even if people seem to have everything, living the happy life, they are actually not. People tend not to show their problems to the world. Sometimes that is also a problem in itself.

As social media has developed, people often want to look like they're happy, cool, rich and so on. Everyone who has a social media account wants to be the center of attention.

The desire to become famous is a desease. Living the ordinary life sometime we can't stay away from a problems what else to live a famous life where people watching every single thing we do in this life.

But regardless what option we chose to live our life there always be good time and bad time in this life. Like a wheel, sometimes we're on the up side and sometimes we're on the down side.

The wheel of life keeps turning as long as we live. We should be ready to face every side of it.


We can not control what happens in this world. We can, however, choose what action we will take. In this life, there will never be an ideal condition. We can blame others for everything that happens in our life, but it will only make us dizzy and we won't be motivated to do anything and nothing will change.

I think, we should accept the situation right now, then think what we can do about it. It is okay to feel sad, like me now.

The reason I write this article is merely to document what I feel, I have encountered many negative situations in my life, but at times I forget what I went through. Yeah, I'm not feeling good today, and maybe you feel the same.

Let's put aside all the complaints, the world isn't going to end today, as long as we live just believing that there will be a solution. Remember, when we were born in this world, we didn't even know how to live our lives, we didn't know how to talk, we didn't know how to walk.

But we still live, right? And at that time when we are baby we cry a lot. Crying is okay. It's part of growing up. Let's not stop learning, let's find ways to deal with all the problems we have.