Falling Behind or Actually One Step Ahead?

I was the one of many peoplo who find hard to get focus on one thing and always feeling I was behind everybody. Until today I realize something after I watch this video How Falling Behind Can Get You Ahead | David Epstein | TEDxManchester.

Where that feeling coming from?

I think it different from anyone, for me that feeling is coming from what I see and what I read from social media. I see my friend having their own success someone just look like they have great life.

In the mean time I always have to deal with a lot of problem day to day. Family problem, career problem, anxiety and much more.

The more I feel about falling behind it come down to actually one problem.

The problem is that I alwasy comparing myself with people around me.

We need to look at this differently. We need to see this as opportunity, everyone is unique everyone has their own talent we have our oen place in this world.

The fast-changing world

Ok let's find where is our place people with having no one expertice.

You know, just two years ago the world seems like just going the be destoryed by the COVID19. But there also an increase hiring for people in tech industry, I remember that time every weeks I got like 5 offer from HR in Linkedin.

That time I feels like this is the best time for life, everyone is working from home, getting food via delivery is easier than before everyone are competing to give the best online service for food, teaching and so much more.

And the best part, I got the best offer to work on one of the big company in my country.

But after just one year after joining that big company, I resign and two weeks later the company cut off 300 people from the company. Things happen so quickly.

Because when I work in this company I've also already doing something else on my spare time which is writing on this blog. And luckily I got offer to be a writer on Logrocket.

Here's the think, in this fast-changing world we do not know what will happen in our life, it could loosing our job or get new opportunity and a lot more.

That's way, the peoplo who can not focus on one thing have more advantages.

Stop comparing yourself

I think we should stop comparing ourselves with others. Yes, we might have bad habits and might not be achieveing this or that. But we need to take care of ourselves. Do we want to become the people we compare to ourselves to, or do we want to be the best version of ourselves?

Indeed we need to change something, but we need to evaluate that and makesure that we do that not because someone else said so.

We might not fall behind but we one step ahead from others.