How to Format String in Javascript?

Here is how you can format string in Javascript! Use it when you need to work with string in Javascript.

Format with template literals

Template literals are string literals that allow embedded expressions. You can use placeholders (${expression}) to specify where you want the expression to be inserted in the string.

let firstName = 'Ahmad'
let lastName = 'Rosid'
const fullName = `${firstName} ${lastName}`

Format with concatenation

You can use the + operator to concatenate strings and variables.

let age = 24
let ageString = "My age is " + age + " year's old"

Replace string

let fullName = "Ahmad Rosid"
let username = fullName.replace(" ", "").toLowerCase()

Replace all

let fullName = "Maulana Ibrahim Rosid"
let username = fullName.replaceAll(" ", "_")

Replace string with regex

const coding = "I watch video from TV";
const replacedString = coding.replace(/TV/, "YouTube");


NodeJS util package

const util = require('util');
let firstName = "Ahmad"
let lastName = "Rosid"
const fullName = util.format('%s %s', firstName, lastName);

Array Join

let data = ["Ahmad", "Rosid"]
let fullName = data.join(" ")