I am reseting my blog

Ahmad Rosid • July 7, 2020

I'm starting a brand new blog with this minimalist design. If you follow me before you should already know that i'm writing a blog in Bahasa Indonesia.

But in this brand new blog i will write the article in english. The reason for that is because i want to improve my english skill especially on writing.

For me english skill is very important to my career, because right now i'm working remotely. Actually i've been working remotely for about one year.

But i feel i do not have good progress with my english skill, event in day to day work i use english.

And the other reason i resetting my blog is because i found Jigsaw that make really easy to create static website. My previous blog was created using laravel, the stack is a bit complicated, i have redis, mysql and markdown parser. And i also have complete admin dashboard, with all the full functionality. Which is actually i have no problem with that.

But i think for web blog we should not make it to complecated, and it should be anough with static site like this.

Yeah, that was it for this time see you in the next post.