Build in Public

Follow my journey building a product in public. I will share my progress, my thought, and my experience.

  1. Readclip now can get the full article from

    I have been busy working wiki page builder for readclip, but small update for today is that readclip now can baypass medium article.

  2. Add summarization to Readclip.

    Now you can save time by getting the highlights of clips from articles you save in Readclip.

    Readclip summarization
  3. Add producthunt and laravelnew to Feed Deck Readclip.

    Now you can subscribe to laravelnews and producthunt in feed deck

    Readclip producthunt and laravelnews
  4. Add indiehackers data source for Feed Deck Readclip.

    Now you can subscribe to indiehackers frontpage news in feed deck

    Readclip indiehackers
  5. Researching database for folder system.

    One more feature I need to add to readclip is the ability to save links into folders. I've do some research today and write article about it.

    Read article here
  6. Designing new feature for Readclip.

    In the next version in Readclip it will be new feature for saving the links into a folder.

    Readclip folders
  7. New domain for Readclip.

    Readclip now has it own domain:

  8. Ship new feature for Readclip called Feed deck.

    Feed deck let you subscribe to rss feed or social media source get stay up to date.

    Feed deck
    Start use feed deck here
  9. Releasing Business Value Proposition Analysis tools.

    Business Value Proposition Analysis is part of free tool marketing for Readclip.

    Business Value Proposition Analysis
    See Business Value Proposition Analysis here
  10. Releasing reddit reader tools from Readclip.

    Reddit reader is part of free tool marketing for Readclip.

    Reddit reader
    See readclip redit reader
  11. Releasing youtube transcriber tools from Readclip.

    Youtube transcriber is part of free tool marketing for Readclip.

    Youtube Transcriber
  12. Working on Learnwise project.

    Learnwise project progressing, here's what I've got so far.

    • Displaying list of videos
    • UI for student progress learning is done
    • Some innitial teacher dashboard page
  13. Update growth Readclip.

    The number is small but I can see that user find it usefull for them, so the idea is validated I think, I need to do more marketing!

    Readclip Growth
  14. Learnwise project.

    I am in progress working on the UI, and I learn a lot about AlphineJS and Laravel blade components.

  15. Starting learnwise project.

    I was planing to do marketing with youtube social media so I need a to create a tool to help me with that.

  16. Create free tools for reader and writer in Readclip project.

    I am seeing adoption for readclip, and I want to try free tools marketing. Here's what free tools I've got so far.

    • Word counter
    • Reading time estimator
    • Markdown viewer
    • Youtube transcriptor
    See readclip freetools
  17. Release pdfpintar v1.0.0 to the public

    Pdfpintar finnaly is released to the public. I hope this app can help people to read and understand PDFs better.

    See on github
  18. Add logsnag tracker to Readclip

    Once product is deployed it is important to see how it is doing. I use logsnag to track error and user behavior.

  19. Add demo in Readclip landing page

    There is not much happening today. I just add demo in Readclip landing page. So people now how the app works.

    See video demo here
  20. Preparing to release pdfpintar as Open Source Project

    Pdfpintar is an AI web app to chat with PDFs. I created it with Laravel and React.js four months ago. The project is nearly done actually, but I still need to fix some bugs and polish the UI.

  21. Release first version for Readclip

    Readclip is my attempt to make reading online article easier. I basically a bookmark manager with focusing on reading experience. And here's the features I already add for the first version.

    • Save article from any website using bookmarklet
    • Read article in distraction free mode
    • Manage your links with tags
    • Export your data into CSV or JSON
    • Import bookmark from chrome
    Visit website